The Very Many Shades of White


.So many whites.
What’s in a white? Designer Julia Aulenbacher loves white walls with colorful furniture and artwork for a clean, modern look, even in a vintage space like a brownstone. But with so many shades of white, which do you pick?

Aulenbacher suggests bright, ultrawhite white for ceilings, and then a pink- or gray-based white for the walls. “Never use any white that has yellow in it,” she says. “It makes things look old–it reminds me of an old folks home.”

She recommends picking a few shades of white and then painting a square yard of each on the wall and then looking at it throughout the day, in different lighting.¬† She warns that too much gray can make a dark apartment even darker, especially this time of year. “You want light and fresh as possible,” she says

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