It’s Time to Meet the Muppets!


… At Union Hall, this Sunday! In preparation for the upcoming release of the Jason Segel-helmed Muppet Movie, Union Hall has prepared an afternoon featuring all things Henson for ‘A Very Muppet Comeback.’  The event kicks off with a showing of the rare TV special, The Muppets Go Hollywood, and is followed with additional awesomeness like Muppet-themed drink specials, sing-a-longs, clip watching, and giveaways. Get saucy with Piggy, weird out with Gonzo, or jam with Kermit, who if you can remember, rocked the banjo long before any hipster ever did. It’s just the thing to get you in the Muppet-y mood before the new movie hits theaters on Thanksgiving. You can even turn your weekend into a Muppet and puppet marathon, and catch the final films in BAM’s Puppets on Film fest, complete with two–two!–screenings of The Dark Crystal.

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