Live It Up With the Undead


If anything has gotten more redux-action traction than the late 1980s in the past few years (Helloooo American Apparel!) than it’s probably zombies (We’re looking at you, Jane Austen revision-ers). In a stroke of postmodern genius, the Bell House has decided to combine the two and host the Gowanus High Winter Formal of 1989 on the ever-appropriate night of Friday the 13th. Yes, it’s a zombie prom. So dust off that Members Only Jacket we know you have hanging in the back of your closet, break out that crimper we know you have under your bathroom sink, and get ready for a night that’s so fun you’ll want to die and come back just to relive it. Throwback 80’s band The Engagements will be on hand to croon sweet Rick Astley tunes to the undead masses, and your $15 admission gets you one free drink (tix are only $12 in advance). Do you know of any other event this weekend where iridescent taffeta and dried blood are equally encouraged? Didn’t think so.

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