What’d You Do This Weekend, Melanie Griffin?


Name: Melanie Griffin aka Melanie Magenta
Age: 30
Occupation: Artist
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
Relationship Status: Dating
We met Melanie waiting in line for the bathroom last weekend in Williamsburg, which just goes to show, you never know where inspiration might manifest itself. Over the past week, we couldn’t stop thinking about her personal style, particularly her magenta suspenders, so we tracked her down. Turns out, Melanie lives in Crown Heights, and she’s in the throws of a new relationship, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Crown Heights is a neighborhood we don’t spend enough time in, so we asked Melanie the best place to grab a bite next time we’re in her nabe. Her answer, hands down, is Dutch Boy Burger on Franklin Avenue for their great burgers and fries. The burgers are organic, so it almost means indulging doesn’t diverge from our New Year’s resolution right? After she got our mouth watering, we couldn’t help but ask: What’d you do this weekend?
FRIDAY:I ran around the city going to doctor appointments and meetings. I had a lovely Sabbath dinner with my roommate, her parents, and some friends, and I ended the night with deep and soulful communications with my new boo.

SATURDAY: As mentioned on Friday, I’m in a new relationship, so we’ve been spending a lot of time together. He made us a wonderful breakfast, and we relaxed, hung out and watched TV. I was excited about the snow even though it didn’t stick. In the night, we went to a birthday party of a friend in her cute little apartment in the East Village.

SUNDAY: Waffles for breakfast! More relaxing! I’m between jobs right now and recovering from some health stuff, so I do a lot of taking it easy, which is really nice. Cuddles and convos with the boo and another birthday dinner followed by an efficient house meeting with my three roommates. Then, I got dressed up for the 4th Annual Slow Grind dance party my friend Helen Harris throws at Happy Ending. It’s a super fun and sexy party with R&B jams and general baby making music. There was a lot of Whitney [Houston] played, may she rest in peace. So sad!

RATING: I give my weekend a 4. It was very relaxing and filled with good friends, loved ones, good food, meeting new people and ended with dancing.

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