The Win Beneath Our Wings


Ahhh, the chicken win—is there a truer embodiment of the American Dream? Once the lowliest part of the bird, the chicken wing has journeyed closest to the human heart to become the favorite snack of sporting events, party platters, and happy hours everywhere (take that, pickled eggs!). While there may have been a time where people wondered, “what the heck do I DO with this thing?” in today’s world, the wing and opinions on how it should be prepared are for serious. How serious? We suggest you head on over to Greenpoint’s Red Star this Saturday for their annual Best Wings in Brooklyn Competition and judge for yourself. Wings from different establishments all over Brooklyn will be competing for the ultimate prize of bragging rights as they duke it out before a panel of judges, and of course, you. Even better, it’s completely free to the public, and portions of the proceeds go to the Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation.

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