Flaking on Your Dinner Reservation is not a Victimless Crime (Think of the Chefs)


This morning Twitter directed me to Gawker’s coverage of FBI surveillance records of Pacific Northwest political activists in the early 2000s, restaurants angry about reservation breakers and an exegesis of L. Ron Hubbard’s literary steeze.

Also, I read last night that @biggayicecream will have thin mint shakes today–which I will take over my other March drinkable ice cream addiction, the shamrock shake, any day.

@TimothyS Gawker’s investigative genius, John Cook, took a look at the FBI’s stupid, pointless surveillance of anarchists, feminists and farmer’s market shoppers in Portland and Eugene, Oregon in the early 2000s.

@GrubStreetNY Restaurants really hate it when you flake on your reservation. And, with the power of the interweb behind them, chefs are taking to twitter to call diners out on it, personally.

@Vice If you step away from the cult-y bullshit, L. Ron Hubbard’s writing is actually pretty awesome. From a certain perspective.

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  1. Jon Juan 1984 -

    I’m suspicious about the Vibe thing.  They had a Scientology ad in the magazine a few years back, a very thinly veiled ad at that.  Plus, the notion that L.Ron Hubbard was a good writer, though a matter of perspective is categorically untrue.


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