Red Hook Immersion Slideshow


We had such a good time on Saturday during the Total Red Hook Immersion with Brooklyn Brewery. By all accounts it was our best immersion yet, thanks to the amazing weather + cold Brooklyn Brewery beers + Red Hook itself, which is well worth the long-ass bus ride/bike ride/jog (yes, two people jogged)/walk on a beautiful day. So many of you came out, a few Red Hook locals starting grousing on Twitter about all the “tourists” in their neighborhood, and the Red Hook Lobster Pound had a banner day–they sold 260 rolls, one of their all-time records. (BB added at least 4 rolls to that tally.) 

All of you Instagrammers took a ton of great photos, too. Even if you didn’t win a prize for snapping all the clues on our photo safari (listed below), we loved your photos and would like to thank you by saving cards for you for the next immersion in Astoria on June 23. @matthewcain, @kfindlayshirras, @bscapade, @missfafi, @sarahrosenberg, @lucyclaires: Give us a shout so we can set that up.

Here are the answers to those clues, by the way. Look forward to seeing you in Astoria June 23!

1. Agua fresca: A fruity drink you can find at the Red Hook Ball Fields
2. Treat named after Latin name for a lime: The Swingle, a frozen key lime pie tart on a stick from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies, named for the scientific name for key limes: Citrus aurantifolia Swingle... (note: we could have been more specific and said KEY limes. Luckily a few of you filled in the blank)
3. Home of many buoys: 26 Reed Street, the social club and garage where Ralph Balzano, brother of Sunny Balzano (and namesake of Sunny’s bar), lives
4. Streetcars of Desire: Bob Diamond’s streetcars, which he dreams of using to connect Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn. We hear this far-fetched plan may still have legs.
5. Vintage, green, and always parked outside: The old green truck permanently parked outside of Sunny’s.
6. From the end of the pier, where you are is spelled out: The blocks that spell out Red Hook in two places, visible when you look back at the shore from Valentino Pier.
7. Wild Card: Give us your best shot: @pilgrimmills photo of a dog (in the slideshow above) swimming by the pier took the cake on this one.

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