Oreos Get an Upgrade


Everyone has their own way to eat an Oreo, but when a Brooklyn pastry chef makes his own Oreos…that’s when things get really interesting.

The high-end Oreo in question comes from Christopher Sanchez, a veteran of the dessert squads at Per Se and Madison Square Park. In late June, Sanchez crossed the river to open a place of his own: Le Petit Bakery in Fort Greene, the latest high-end entry on the boulevard formerly known as Murder Avenue.

Most of Le Petit’s lineup follows the classic French bakery mold, but I’m glad he made this one, very American exception. The dark chocolate cookies making up his Oreo somehow capture the crumbly texture of the real thing, while still remaining soft and moist, as if they just came out of the oven. Plus, there’s a hint of sea salt in each bite, which takes them to the next level. Sandwiched in between is a rich and creamy white chocolate ganache, making for one superbly satisfying cookie. It’s rich enough that eating more than half an Oreo in one sitting will upset your tummy (that’s a compliment; I knew it would happen but couldn’t resist eating the whole thing).

For cookie lovers who tend towards the peanut butter side of the spectrum, Sanchez also offers a fancy-pants take on the Nutter Butter, plus more conventional pastry shelf options like madelines, linzer tarts, cream puffs and eclairs. The options in the macaroon case have been growing day by day, with flavors including chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and pistachio.

Le Petit also has coffee and espresso drinks, plus house-baked ciabattas, which are used in ham-and-brie and pate sandwiches, plus daily selections of quiche.

Le Petit Bakery (718-875-6500) is at 345 Myrtle Ave., between Carlton Ave. and Adelphi St., in Fort Greene. 


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