Shake It Up


Knowing how to do things is cool, and Edible Brooklyn aims to make sure everyone has a chance to be cool. They’ve taught bird butchering and butter churning, and tonight they teach one of the most valuable know-hows of them all: making the perfect cocktail. Join them for “How to…Shake, Muddle and Stir ” where The Stand NY teaches the art of creating the perfect beer cocktail, Bittermens explains how to use bitters in your mixed drinks and NY Distilling Co. breaks down the process of making barrel-aged cocktails. Even though you’ll be toying with alcohol, don’t leave your appetite at home, as the Food Freaks Truck will be on hand with some serious grub. Did we mention it’s at Brooklyn Brewery—which means that delicious Brooklyn Brewery beer will be available for five bills a pop? Tickets are only $5 and are available here.

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