Transmitter Park, Open at Last


The recreational piers are not yet completed.

The long awaited–at least for Greenpointers–Transmitter Park opened this weekend. It’s smaller than I had thought it would be, but lovely, nonetheless. There are benches, a big lawn, a playground, and once it’s complete it looks like you’ll be able to walk along a shoreline promenade from the park (located at the end of Greenpoint Avenue, on the water) to the East River Ferry stop at the terminus of India Street.

There's a generous lawn, perfect for picnicing.

The recreational piers are not finished yet, but I will say that the East River looks really beautiful from the park. That end of Greenpoint Avenue has suddenly become somewhere you might actually want to be. The Ovenly cafe is on the same block as the park and you could grab some coffee and snacks and sit on a bench and watch the river roll by.

This rocky inlet has a bridge above it, and is covered in water when the tide comes in.

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