Spoils: Exploring Brooklyn’s Most Alternative Food Source


As has been much remarked, and mocked, here in Brooklyn, we love our food co-ops, CSAs, underground supper clubs, and any other alternative way of securing sustenance. But you may not know there’s a whole other group of borough denizens who think all of those methods are super mainstream.

Alex Mallis’ documentary Spoils is the story of three very different New Yorkers who only get their food from one source: the dumpster outside Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn. If you know the right time to go—and aren’t afraid of a little expired meat—it’s a gold mine.

Spoils screened at the DOC NYC film festival last week and had its online premier on Narratively (a new publication I’m the managing editor of) yesterday. Watch the video above, and share your thoughts with us at Narrative.ly.

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