A Big Big (Literary) Love


Forget rockstars—do you want to know who really parties the hardest? The literati, otherwise known as Word Nerds (to the non-fancy folk). Whether writer, publisher, librarian, or typesetter, it’s common insider knowledge that if you get enough of them in a room together, you’re practically guaranteed to have one of the best, most insane nights of your life. Need to see it to believe it? Come to the launch party of Gigantic magazine’s fourth annual print issue at Public Assembly. Sure, it’ll start off mellowly with a few readings from Michael Kimball, Kimberly King Parsons, and others, but that’s just so everyone has the opportunity to ooh and ahh over the beauty of the hand-crafted issue of Gigantic that’s included in the $10 admission. After that there will be booze, music by Jonas Reinhardt and Lingerie, and DJ sets by coeditors Lincoln Michel and James Yeh. Yes, you read that right—DJ sets by literary magazine editors. If you’re remotely interested in the alternative or small press scene, this may be all the convincing you need.

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