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We love a locally made gift as much as the next Brooklyn booster, but when you extend your radius for handcrafted goods a few clicks north, the options, from goat’s milk soap to a cherry wood olive spoon, get even more interesting. All can be found on Hudson Made, which specializes in the highest quality regional products from the Hudson Valley, North Country and Brooklyn, along with select vintage items around the world. This season, they offer quite a few, one-of-a-kind gift sets that draw upon their well-curated inventory. Below are options for the men in your life and loved ones who love to cook.

1. FANCY BLACK SOAP + SOAP DISH: Hudson Made’s signature 4 oz. Fancy Black Soap and Dana Brandwein’s elegant burl-stamped handcrafted stoneware dish are perfect complements. The soap, lightly scented with frankincense, is made from pasture-raised Nubian goat’s milk and volcanic clay, rich in moisture and minerals and perfect for those with delicate or dry skin. The two deep chocolate browns are sure to make a statement in your bathroom or kitchen and add a sense of depth and character. $40.

2. LOT NO. 615 / THE CYCLIST: A portable grooming kit for your stylish cyclist. Inside this canvas and leather trim mopha tool roll he’ll find everything he needs to keep his bike tires inflated, his beard smelling fresh, cuticles soft, and lips and skin moisturized. Special vintage American-made 4-piece expandable carpenter’s rule with brass fittings ca. 19th century thrown in for extra measure. $115.

3. LOT NO. 298 / WORKERS SET: Inside the Workers Set is a Hudson Made utility apron, made of 100% cotton heavy duty canvas, brass hardware and buckskin straps that is perfect for the wood shop and the kitchen. There’s plenty more to keep him spiffy: Huberd’s famous shoe grease and a vintage Casey Brothers Shoe Brush, circa 1900, will keep those boots oiled and shined, the small horse hair detail brush from Cape Cod Products is ideal for small jobs that require close attention and a bar of Hudson Made Fancy Black Soap and a classic 100% cotton bandana will allow him to freshen up after his work is done. $148.

4. BLACK WALNUT KITCHEN BOARD, SMALL, MEDIUM OR LARGE: An excuse to throw out your old mystery wood or (gasp) plastic cutting board and get a major upgrade. These locally-harvested black walnut boards, handmade in Beacon, NY, are the perfect union of craftsmanship and modern design. Each board is unique, with slight variations found in their color and grain pattern, and just a wet sponge and a light coating of oil will get the board clean. (Hudson Made recommends Black Creek Mercantile oil.) Choose from a handy, multi-purpose 9″ x 9″ x 1.75″ small size, the 9″ x 18″ x 1.75″ medium size for clever linear serving arrangements, or the  hefty 18″ x 18″ x 1.75″ large size board for every serving and cutting need. $70-$195.

5. DELUXE KITCHEN SET: For the cook who has (almost) everything, this set will earn you fancy vittles for being so thoughtful. Included in it is a full set of beautiful cherry wood Jonathan’s Spoons kitchen tools, for every smaller serving need. Scoop one olive or a perfect dollop, add a touch of honey, spoon some marmalade, grab a pickle, or spread condiments with ease. Then serve your latest masterpiece atop the Hudson Made 9″ x 18″ medium black walnut kitchen board. $169.50

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