Super-Sweet Super-Sweats


The interim between Christmas and New Year’s can be tricky to negotiate. The post-consumerist hangover, the spending time with family hangover, the literal hangover, can be a bit much to handle. To avoid falling into a “don’t-wanna-can’t-make-me” stupor that sends you straight to your sweatpants at the thought of putting on any razzle-dazzle before New Year’s, embrace those sweats like a big elastic-waisted hug and head on to the Bell House for CHERYL’s My Super-Sweet Sweatpants Semi-Formal. Want to keep your sweats and dance in them too, without looking like a complete hot mess? The super-sweet dress code is taking the semi of semi-formal to heart—sweatpants on the bottom, sequins on top, which means half the effort but even more fun. It’s the perfect halfway point between Christmas and New Year’s, and with $5 admission before midnight, a splurge that’s actually within your holiday budget.

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