Out of the Mouths of Beasts



Despite the less than optimal weather today and general chilliness lately, it is indeed spring. If you’re contemplating moving your fitness routing outdoors, or developing a fitness routine in general after a winter of movies on the couch, check out Beastanetics in McCarren Park. I’ve written before about how much I love this workout, and what a phenomenal group of people you’ll meet doing it. But don’t take my word for it, listen to what avid Beasts have to say. Classes start April 1, and you can sign up and read more about the program here

“I’ve been stuck in ‘I don’t wanna!’ mode when it comes to exercise and Beastanetics has changed that! Working my ass off in a group with a supportive instructor is exactly what I needed. I’ll admit I’m the least fit in the class, but I feel perfectly fine about that thanks to such a cool group of beasts!” –Danielle (who knows a thing or two about ‘beasts’), dog rescuer and owner of CreativeLittleBeasts.com

“At 41, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since I was in my 20s–thanks to Beast classes! I’ve trimmed down, gained muscle, and made new friends. By committing myself to the program I have exercised way more than I would have on my own. Plus, I actually look forward to it–which I can’t say I’ve ever really felt about the gym.” –Jeremy

“I thought 20 seconds was a short period of time–until I started doing Beastanetics boot camp. Twenty second intervals of high-intensity, all-out, leave it on the floor work sets divided by ever-decreasing ‘rest’ sets will challenge your perception of time. The upside? It’s over fast. The downside? Hm, haven’t found one yet. Tim is a great coach, affable and inspiring, and he has an uncanny way of making you work hard without realizing it. Is it hard? Yes, but not as hard as your butt will be after six weeks of Beastanetics. And I can say definitively that my 44-year old self could easily take my 24-year old self.” –Heather

beast“Beastanetics has altered not only my body, but my perception of myself. I’ve always been a person who has worked hard and has been reliable, but can also be self-defeating in some aspects of my life. And exercise was never my friend. I have always struggled with weight, poor self-esteem, and self-image.

I’ve done my share of crash dieting, exercise bouts with some failed attempts and some success stories. It wasn’t until I met Shana Brady and Tim Haft of Beastanetic fame that shifted my frame of mind and judgment regarding the world of fitness.

I was referred to the program on behalf of a friend who I had watched over time reshape and slim down over the years. Our paths would occasionally cross, and I was awarded the knowledge of this program.

I’m not going to lie. When I signed up, I was scared. The concept of a boot camp was terrifying to me. I had painted an image in my head of drill sergeant types screaming insults and breaking me down emotionally, taking every insecurity in me and twisting it in my face in the form of a push up or abdominal crunch.

Instead, I found a kind, compassionate, driven, supportive network of individuals that have a sense of community as well. People that will check in on you and help make me feel accountable to myself, even if I don’t.

You would never of have been able to convince me that I would enjoy working out as hard as I do in this program, or that I would enjoy running or enjoy doing squats, leaps, holding a plank. And sometimes I still don’t, but when I see my labor paying off, when I feel better about myself, when I realize other people see a shift in me and I know there is a group out there who has my back even when I think I don’t, I just tell anyone who asks: Beastanetics.” –Rita



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