Get Ticketed by These Metermaids


When I first encountered the indie hip-hop duo Metermaids, I was intrigued by how they captured all my favorite things about old-school hip hop without ever seeming like a novelty or a over-craftily reconstructed throwback. Fast forward five months or so, and my iPod is pretty much playing their EPs: Smash Smash Bang and HELLO Mix (with DJ Rob Swift) on constant repeat. The energy of their live shows is ridiculous, to the point where even the “Live from Brooklyn, New York,” shout-out opener to their track Shades Off makes you feel like you’re there with them–without feeling the near-epidemic corniness that kind of stunt usually pulls. The duo is opening for indie hip-hop artist and Strange Famous label founder Sage Francis at the Knitting Factory this week, along with a slew of labelmates, so the whole lineup is definitely worth checking out. Tickets are $15 and available here. —VR

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