Treat. Yo. Self.


When observing the practical aspects of the very necessary treat yo self  philosophy, it’s important that the treats you’re lavishing upon your person amount to more than a box of Andre splashed with seltzer for some extra bubbly fanciness, broken Ritz crackers and unidentified fridge cheese. Get to Brooklyn Oenology for some real luxury with Slow Food NYC’s Champagne and Oysters night and kick it Rockefeller style. One $45 ticket ($35 for Slow Food members) not only gives you a chance to treat yo self to a dozen Bluepoint oysters and four different champagne samples as you’re guided by experts on the ins and outs of sparkling wine, but you’ll also be treating others as well, since the proceeds go to supporting Slow Food‘s great community outreach programs like Urban Harvest. Now that’s a real treat for everyone, y’all.

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