Who Works at The Yard? Thea Zagata Does


tz097.lrWe’ve been working at The Yard on the Williamsburg-Greenpoint border this summer and have found that that having an office in a co-working space makes us more organized and more professional. We also love being able to have face-to-face meetings daily, and, well, the amazing air conditioning. We wanted to get to know some of our co-workers in the space, so we started this series Who Works at The Yard? This week we’re talking to Thea Zagata of Pesce PR. 

Tell me about your business, what do you do?

My business is Pesce PR.   I am a PR consultant working with small to mid-sized businesses.  I work primarily with lifestyle clients–food, beauty, fashion, kids.  I work as a traditional publicist, but I also work with clients (who are on a super tight budgets) through my DIY PR Pack, which is a fully customized plan that teaches small businesses how to do their own PR.  I prepare the strategy and tools then they do the actual outreach.

How did you get into that–what did you do before? 

I worked for global PR agencies for several years, but ended up getting an itch to do my own thing.  I started an online cookie shop in 2007, which I ran for three years and sold in 2010.   It was the cookie company experience that led me to doing PR with small businesses.

How long have you been working at The Yard?

Since January, 2012.

As a small business owner/independent worker, how does working at a co-working space help you or change your work life?

I am not a fan of working from home.  I feel more focused having a dedicated space for work and helps me separate work from home, which can be challenging when you have your own business.  Plus, as a PR consultant, I like to have a professional space to meet with clients.

Any words of advice for people out there who are starting businesses or trying to go freelance from their job?

When I started my cookie company, I stayed at my current job in a freelance capacity three days a week so I still had an income while I launched my business. This helped to relieve the stress of pulling money from the business for the first six months or so.  Every business is different though in terms of funding and time, but this worked for me.

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far this summer and what are you still looking forward to doing? 

Getting messy cracking and eating crabs on the docks of Cape May with my husband and son.  To be honest, I’m really looking forward to enjoying the end (sniff) of summer here in Williamsburg–rooftop dinners with neighbors, taking my son to McCarren Park, grabbing snacks at Smorgasburg, Sunday bike rides to Transmitter Park…I’m easy to please I guess!

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