Meat Mrkt Makes Its Debut


Meat Mrkt is throwing everything at its rooftop launch party on Aug. 12. The new pop-up variety showcase will feature music, fashion and creative expression, including live art by We Are Raw Process and a Wu-Tang-Clan curated exhibition. Photo: WARP

Meat Mrkt is throwing everything at its rooftop launch party on April 12. The new pop-up event will showcase creative expression across multiple mediums, including live drawing by We Are Raw Process, a Wu-Tang-Clan curated exhibition, fashion and music. Photo: WARP

We know the combination of the words meat and market conjures thoughts of late night partying at a bridge-and-tunnel-infested club, listening to Top 40 jamz, drinking overpriced Stoli, and avoiding bros who idolize The Situation, but we swear, this is far far cooler than that and involves a lot less GTL. First off, the Meat Mrkt Rooftop Launch Party takes place this Saturday, starting at noon, on a 7,000-square-foot rooftop at 57 Thames St. Second, admission is free, though you can purchase $7 tickets for an all-borough craft beer tasting. Third, there will be no Stoli, just a Tito’s Handmade Vodka bar straight from the heart of Austin, Texas. Also, there will be a DJ showcase featuring Jem Entertainment, live painting by W.A.R.P. (We Are Raw Process), an art gallery curated by Wu-Tang Clan’s Oliver “Power” Grant via the  WuHa 2020 Hybrid Arts Initiative, a street-wear pop-up shop and more. The only thing this mrkt seems to not be offering is actual meat.

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