Meat Hook Sandwich Starts Delivery, Steak and Salad Night this Week



Steak night at Meat Hook Sandwich won’t be quite this folksy, but there will be unlimited beer. Photo: Annaliese Griffin

Meat Hook Sandwich is offering delivery, starting this Wednesday, on the entire menu, including beers (since it changes daily, check the website before ordering). Delivery hours are the same as the store, 11am-4pm, check out the delivery map below. Call 718-302-HOOK to order, cash only, no Seamless because as Brent Young, an owner of Meat Hook Sandwich put it, “Screw those money grubbing bastards.”

TMH_Sandwich_Delivery AreaIf you don’t live in North Brooklyn, Meat Hook Sandwich can be tough to get to–since it opened at the end of May they’ve kept to that 11am-4pm schedule, which makes it weekends only for all you nine-to-fivers out there. But now there’s a weekly dinner option–steak and salad Wednesday nights, starting this week, Aug. 6. First come, first served, steak, salad and unlimited beers for $25, 5pm-9pm, or until the steak runs out. And, Young tells us that shop hours will be expanded this fall, with lots of specials designed for football season. Like wings, duh.

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