Appease Your Feline Overlord with Catpax



Let’s face it, cats, even the friendliest, most cuddly felines, have the upper hand in the whole human-animal companion relationship. We feed them and dote on them and they curl up in our laps and purr when they feel like it. Somehow the arrangement seems to work out for everyone.

To keep your furry overlord happy all year, check out Catpax, the monthly delivery of treats, toys and surprises for cats. It’s about time, right? Cats rule the internet, and they definitely deserve a monthly delivery service just for felines. And if your kitty has fun with the box AND what’s inside, then that’s just a bonus for being a cat lover. Plus, think of the video possibilities.

You can sign up for a one-month, six-month or year Catpax subscription, and you can cancel at anytime. Shipping is always free, and 10% of profits go to kitty rescue organizations.  Right now Catpax is offering Brooklyn Based readers a special deal, 10% off your first box with the code: BKKITTY.

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