A List of Parties for Queer Women in New York



Hot Rabbit is a longstanding party that frequents Monster every Friday, Lovegun on Tuesdays, and monthly at Lot 45. Photo: Maro Hagopian


In “New York’s Lesbian Bars Are Disappearing,” Heather Dockray did the math on the number of lesbian bars left in New York and came up with a grand total of four. But while bars are on the decline, the number of parties for queer women remains steady–if you know where to go. This list is a useful start. For information on other events, make sure to check out Project Q: Events for Queer Women on Facebook.

Be Cute – Monthly at One Last Shag

Select All: A Queer Mixer – Various dates, The Bell House

Set it Off – Every Friday at Hope Garage

Pat – Monthly at Union Pool

Misster! – Wednesdays at The Woods

W.r. Etched – Every other month at Don Pedro

Riot Chica – Every other month at Don Pedro


Girlnation – Monthly at Stonewall and HK Lounge

Homotown – Thursdays at Henrietta Hudson’s

Tryst – Thursdays at Hill & Dale

Fantasy Friday’s – Every Friday at Rosewood

Roving Parties
Hot Rabbit – Every Friday at Monster, monthly at Lot 45

Que Bajo?! – Various locations and dates

Azucar: A Queer Latin Dance Party – Various dates and locations

Nikki Spicenyc Hill – Various dates and locations

Posture Magazine – Various dates and events

DJ Whitney Day – Various dates and locations

W.r. Etched – Don Pedro’s

6 Responses

  1. wretched -

    Wretched and Riot Chica are alternating first Saturday’s at Don Pedro in East Williamsburg!! Starting on July 11th it will be Second Saturday’s!

  2. Melissa -

    You have to add the Miss Mug Shot parties to that list and the Thursday night party at Icon in Astoria…

  3. Corinne -

    how can you NOT have listed Whitney Day here?! She throws the biggest parties in NYC for women!

  4. Danielle -

    Thursday nights at Stonewall. Called Anything Goes. By Danielle Presents. Need to do your homework. Xo

  5. Confetti -

    Don’t forget Confetti: The Dance Party, the next one is happening August 13th at The Bell House from 10pm-4am.
    And Select All: Queer Mixers for LGBTQI folks at The Bell House, Lazy Ibis


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