The gift of a garden: Seedsheet



After using a Seedsheet over the summer, I marveled at how easy it made growing plants from seed. Designed to be foolproof, this garden-in-a-sheet provides all the benefits of an organic garden, without the burdens of gardening. Each one includes a variety of organic nonGMO seeds and soil contained in water-soluble pods which are embedded within a weed barrier fabric. You just place atop soil and water for the perfect weedless garden that’s “planted” in 30 seconds. It’s simple, innovative, and quite literally allows you to give the gift of a garden.

There is a Seedsheet designed for every type of green thumb–foodies, tea or smoothie enthusiasts, busy parents, or all of the above–and every size space. It can fit in a windowsill, on a patio or a rooftop and it comes neatly folded in waterproof packaging. It also lasts for a year, so you can buy now and plant later in the spring. So enjoy those latkes, cookies and eggnog this month–you have an organic garden to look forward to, along with the thought of turning your loved one into an urban farmer. Overalls not included.

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