How far you can go in a ReachNow MINI

Having wheels means you don’t have to do a lot of planning to get out of town, and a ReachNow MINI or BMW is the perfect escape car.

All month long, first-time members get an hour of driving FREE with the code BBNOW36. (Offer is good till 12/1/17, and valid for the first 500 redemptions.)

Go anywhere you like–you just need to bring it back in five days. Head upstate for some last-minute leaf peeping, drive to your folks on Thanksgiving, or get all the ingredients you need for your annual Friendsgiving.

Membership is 100% free, insurance is included, and you only pay when you drive. (An hour is $20, 24 hours is $110.)

Chances are there is one parked not far from your home in Brooklyn. Download the app to see the closest car parked near you, register (it takes about a minute, no joke) and go anywhere on a whim.

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