What to eat at Smorgasburg 2018


Oh will Smorgasburg wonders ever cease? Every year the must-try foods at this bi-coastal, open-air food market become ever more outrageous, and the 2018 season is no different, with fried cookie dough and whole grilled lobsters among the popular new offerings.

For its eighth outdoor season in Brooklyn, Smorgasburg will be open every weekend at two locations: Saturdays 11am-6pm in Williamsburg at East River State Park (90 Kent Ave. at N. 7 St.) and Sundays 11am-6pm in Prospect Park at Breeze Hill (East Drive at Lincoln Road, near the Prospect Park Subway Station in Prospect Lefferts Gardens).

BB contributor and photographer Regina Mogilevskaya checked out the Prospect Park location on opening day to scout all new and crazy foods you should seek out this year; the following are available at both markets.


Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

Hailing all the way from LA’s Smorgasburg, but using Maine lobsters, Lobsterdamus grills its namesake crustacean over mesquite and serves it on a bed of garlicky noodles. You may want to wear a shirt you don’t mind dribbling on for this one.

Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

Big Mozz x DŌ

Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

Big Mozz is branching out from its mozzarella sticks and now frying up DŌ, the raw cookie dough sensation that was making some people sick, but should be totally safe in this fried format (right?).

Dashi Fried Chicken

Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

Dashi is a new KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) vendor, supplying their fried-to-order chicken with housemade dipping sauces.

Bonsai Kakigōri

Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

Taken by Japan’s delicious shaved snow treat, two New Yorkers are recreating the dessert here with seasonal toppings and homemade syrups like strawberries & cream or matcha persimmon.

Frico Italia

Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

An Italian “pie” made with potatoes and cheeses may call to mind something much different than what is pictured. But it’s like a rösti that you can top with peppers, onions and other accoutrements.

Bona Bona

Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

Bona Bona isn’t new, but it’s still a spectacle to behold. Chef Nick Di Bona, who has a very successful restaurant in Westchester, tops his homemade ice creams, many made with ingredients grown in his own garden, with a marshmallow swirl that he hand scorches. Top that.

Following are a few more of this year’ returning vendors.

Mao’s Bao. Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya


Happiness Capsule. Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya


Ube Kitchen, one of the hot desserts to try at Smorgasburg last year, and still looking pretty. Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya


Pretiola’s 🌈Pretzels. Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya


Duck Season. Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

Weekends at Smorg should be much warmer from here on out. Photo: Regina Mogilevskaya

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