Turn your apartment into a houseplant jungle


While it may not officially be springtime, it IS the first week of March. So while we get pummeled with t-shirt and sun hat advertisements impractically early, one thing that does make sense to do this season is to propagate our houseplants! If they’ve made it through the winter as long as they have, let’s give them some extra love so they stay alive until the open window, sun-drenched days of summer they truly deserve. 

At Greenery Unlimited, a Greenpoint-based biophilic design store, learn everything you need to know about parenting your houseplants, so you can turn your apartment into a jungle. Tickets are $25, and all participants will receive 20% off storewide during the session. And that discount is quite a steal, just take a look at their space, a true plant lover’s dream! Class runs from 7:15-9pm on Wednesday evening at Greenery Unlimited in Greenpoint.  

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