What to do this week(end): July 23-July 29


Hey Brooklyn, hot enough out there for ya? Dear lord, what a week. Between the COVID surge, the monkeypox surge, a new case of polio (!) cropping up, shark sightings closing down the beaches, the fact that being outside feels like standing in a cloud of hot halitosis even at 10pm, and the feeling like this is all connected and just how it’s going to be now, it’s been a bit of a downer in my opinion, but I’m hoping maybe some of you are feeling a little better about things! In defense of my extra-grumpiness, I am. . . tada!. . . six months pregnant at the moment and those who know me know that I don’t do well in the heat under normal circumstances, so this week has felt like a neverending gauntlet of pathetic daily step counts, sweaty naps, meals consisting solely of popsicles, and prayers that ConEd can keep things going until the temperatures let up. Yep, that’s me, suddenly a (quite) pregnant lady, whose appetite for going out to dig up new things to write about in this column is, sadly, not at its all-time peak. Never fear, though, I’ve still managed to round up some mighty fine options worth exploring locally, even though I’ll personally be doing my schvitzing and listless lying around with a bunch of friends in an Airbnb upstate this weekend. 

Firstly, Kara Zuaro’s recent roundup of Brooklyn’s best frozen treats couldn’t have been better timed. Being both a perpetually hot person and a glutton, I’ve already tried most of these and can attest to their greatness, but the soft serve menu at Kith Treats is a new one on me that needs my attention soon. I would also like to just get out of the way that I finally saw Top Gun: Maverick at Alamo Drafthouse and loved it to a degree that embarrasses me — Tom Cruise might be a deranged narcissist who believes that we are all composed of dead alien husks or whatever, but he sure knows how to make a compelling summer action flick. You don’t need me to tell you there are worse ways to ride out a debilitating heatwave than hoovering popcorn in an air-conditioned movie theater, but perhaps it would behoove you to be reminded that Jordan Peele’s Nope is now out and getting rave reviews, and both Alamo and Nitehawk offer frozen drinks served to your seat. 

If you do decide to get out and about, Restaurant Week is back, so it’s a great time to book some reservations at places you’ve been meaning to try. I’d also highly recommend getting tickets while you still can to see Fat Ham, the Pulitzer Prize-winning play whose run at the Public Theater ends on July 31 — we went on Tuesday night and it was a great mid-week pick-me-up. On Saturday afternoon, Court Tree Collective at Industry City is presenting the work of 30-odd international artists in a special Summer Lounge exhibit, which would coincide nicely with a trip to pick up some new summer reads at PowerHouse and an onigiri or two at Japan Village. 

 If you’re itching for some outdoor time, however, Saturday presents a lot of good options, including the 6th annual art, music, and plant sale festival at Kingsland Wildflowers rooftop meadow on the banks of Newtown Creek, or Pioneer Works’ Red Hook Regatta, a homemade boat race off of Valentino Pier. Little Island, which I somehow still haven’t visited, is hosting its second annual Music & Dance Festival this week and next, featuring a lineup of performances by talented NYC-based singers, musicians, choreographers, and dancers. And if you’ve just resigned yourself to becoming one with the inferno, consider spending your Saturday night at the Roller Wave, and indoor/outdoor, glow in the dark, blacklight enhanced roller disco party at 99 Scott. 

On Sunday, you’d be well within your rights to take it slow and gear up for another long week at the office. If that’s your vibe, you might check out the William Vale’s new outdoor yoga class, presented in partnership with Sky Ting, before venturing to the Brooklyn Museum for a free afternoon jazz concert from Abdou Mboup and Waakaw in the backyard sculpture garden. And, later in the week, Atelier Canal is throwing an Art & Oysters Social, which includes a discussion by artist Laziza Rakhimova about her infrared oyster reef photos currently on display followed by a seafood dinner at Littleneck. 

No matter where your adventures lead this week, please please please remember to make sure that you are adequately hydrated and sunscreened. Stay cool, all, and have a wonderful weekend! 

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