Revenge of the Nerds


It’s crazy to think that if Nerd Nite, the monthly drinking-and-presentations night at Galapagos, had gone to college, it’d already be one year out of school. Friday night marks five years that the event has been held in New York City, packing local bars and educating the masses on topics as diverse as Guinness world records, parasites, and the history of Tetris. To celebrate the anniversary, the evening will begin with Nerd Nite’s popular speed dating (girls are already sold out, but spectacle-sporting men are encouraged to buy tickets); at 9pm, the presentations will begin, with “Who Let the Dogs Out? Out?” by Public Assembly’s Ben Sisto, which explores the titular question, and “Rock and Roll Ripoffs, Reinventions, Regurgitations, and Reduxes” by Nora Morrison, who presented on Michael Jackson’s messiah complex in his videos at the first Nerd Nite and who will be tackling cover songs in this lecture. The third presentation is being kept tightly under wraps, but claims to hold “historical significance” among Nerd Nite devotees.

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