Brooklyn Smells Bad Today


We’ve been hearing all sorts of reports on Twitter about a terrible smell in Brooklyn today. Here are some highlights. starting with our own inquiry tweet:

We’re hearing about a sulphuric, gates of hell, low tide stink all over Brooklyn today? Who smells it?

@emilyspurr @BrooklynBased
the stench woke my boyfriend and i up this morning (park slope based), we thought a sewer pipe had burst. what IS it?!

@jbberk @BrooklynBased
I caught a whiff in Ditmas Park, just north of
#Cortelyou In fact, I first smelled it in my apartment.

@EBFesks @BrooklynBased
Yes! I am in Crown Heights and smelled it as early as 7am. Is it the Navy Yards construction?

@okdunn @BrooklynBased
raw sewage, aroma of skunk, base notes of natural gas wafting over crown heights all morning.

@LoveFoodShare @BrooklynBased
um has anyone said “that was me” yet? If not…”that was me”.

You know what? We have it figured out. It’s the gates of hell (or a hellmouth, if you want to get all Joss Whedon nerdcore on it) opening under the Atlantic Yards construction site.

Any other theories?

UPDATE: Gothamist placed a call to the Department of Environmental Protection and discovered a sewer collapsed in Bed-Stuy last night.

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  1. kensingtongal -

    In Kensington, my daughter woke up and told us : Ew! [Her] hamster farted!


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