Do Good Drinking


Brian Floyd, bartender at The Vanderbilt, has come up with a pretty awesome method of showering local charities with much-needed gifts. Through his initiation, a loose group of NYC bartenders–The Barman’s Fund–pick specific shifts, often their first of the month, to donate all their tips to a particular cause. Past recipients include the Park Slope Women’s Shelter, veterans in Queens, special needs students throughout Brooklyn, and the latest beneficiary is slated to be the Brooklyn Free Clinic. During Friday night’s 5pm to 2am shift at The Vanderbilt, all tips will help fund the antibiotics program at the clinic, which serves uninsured patients in Brooklyn. Come at 11pm, and you’ll also get free pints of pilsner that Brooklyn Brewery is donating! Then visit South between noon and 9pm or Freddy’s from 8pm to 4am on August 7 to raise more charitable funds while you raise a glass.

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