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It is hard to explain to someone who doesn’t religiously watch NY1 why the opportunity to attend an event at the Grand Prospect Hall is so exciting. Luckily, this weekend’s 27th Annual Zlatne Uste Golden Festival, a celebration of Balkan music, dance, and food featuring over 60 bands, offers so much that everyone (even those who have somehow never seen the classic GPH commercial) will want to check it out. A massive two-night, multi-stage extravaganza, the Golden Festival brings together performers of Albanian, Bulgarian, Romani, Macedonian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Klezmer, Ukrainian, and Georgian music, and dancing is evidently not optional. In addition to the entertainment, Balkan arts vendors will be selling their wares, craft beer, wine, and traditional spirits will flow, and complimentary meze will be served. Tickets just for Friday night are $20, which includes  a dance workshop and several bands; admission for Saturday night, the main event, is $45 if you purchase tickets in advance online, but there is a student discount and kids get in free.

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