Less Than Jake, More Than Most


A punk-ska band that stays together and continues to create music for 20 years? That’s something to celebrate.  And that’s just a fraction of what Gainesville’s Less Than Jake has done over the course of its decades-long (and counting) run. They were there for the very start of Warped Tour, released a litigiously-contested cover album of a certain Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta musical called Greased, and drummer/lyricisit Vinnie Fiorello started two different indie rock labels (the newer Paper + Plastick, and cultural linchpin Fueled by Ramen, responsible for almost every variation of punk/power pop-indie/ska group since its founding).  So join in on their two-night anniversary bash at Brooklyn Bowl, and help celebrate a band that survived everything from contentious major-label splits, line-up changes, and (ugh) TRL, as they celebrate one of the rarest rock achievements of all: longevity. Tickets for each night are $15 and available for both Thursday and Tuesday.

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