Don’t Let This Ship Sink


PortSide NewYork, operators of the beloved tanker MARY A. WHALEN (where we once held a July 4 fundraiser), have issued an SOS call! PortSide could close and the tanker will be scrapped if they don’t get a home fast and some money raised quickly. Attend their meeting this Monday, Feb. 27 from 6:30-8:30pm at LICH (corner of Atlantic Ave & Hicks St.) or join them afterwards at Montero’s maritime watering hole. If you loved the tanker opera in the containerport, hearing a Jalopy concert or watching a movie on the deck of the MARY WHALEN, head to the meeting, write letters of support, post flyerstweet it up or offer your Kickstarter campaign-making help! Brooklyn shouldn’t lose this floating cultural treasure.

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