Fort Greene on the Big Screen


Starting at 7:30pm on Monday, BAM will be screening a Brooklyn-themed double feature showcasing two cinematic tributes to the great neighborhood of Fort Greene. First up is this year’s Brooklyn Boheme, a documentary about Fort Greene in the 80s, when it was an epicenter of forward-thinking black culture. Writer, historian, and resident Nelson George created this intimate portrait of the neighborhood, featuring interviews with Spike Lee, Branford Marsalis, Rosie Perez and Chris Rock. As an added bonus, both George and his co-director Diane Paragas will be in house for a brief Q&A about the film. Second on the bill is Spike Lee’s full-length feature debut, She’s Gotta Have It, the now-classic indie comedy that was shot primarily in Fort Greene in 1986. Admission is $12 and includes free samples of BAMboozle, Brooklyn Brewery’s new beer celebrating BAM’s 150th anniversary.

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