Drinks and a Show


Imagine a place where a fire has raged underground for over fifty years, an entire town deserted, forsaken both by its former occupants and the government sworn to protect it, and then imagine that place is…home? Welcome to Centralia, Pennsylvania, a real-life place as well as a really innovative theatrical work created by Ugly Rhino Productions at Brooklyn Lyceum. Instead of passively viewing actions being performed on stage, Centralia fully engages its audience. As each person wanders through one of six rooms, they are actually entering one of the last six households of Centralia, Pennsylvania. And if those are suppressed murmurs of “Sleep No More, much?” did we mention the six different cocktails that are served as part of the show in each room? The show is actually billed as a theatrical drinking game–this ain’t your nana’s typical night of theater. The very last two performances are Friday and Saturday–get your tickets here before they’re sold out!

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