Springtime Tune-Up


Been searching all over for that one perfect Strat that will change the course of your music forever? Or hoping to get a deal on a quality Les Paul? Or maybe plotting to make an even trade on your ex’s coveted axe in exchange for an extra-spangly tambourine (shake whatcha revenge fantasies gave ya, gurl!)? Then come one and all to the Second Annual Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show this Sunday at Brooklyn Bowl—and we’ll tell you ahead of time, these deals ain’t no April Fool’s. There’ll be vendors selling everything from strings, amps, pedals, CDs and books, to of course, the guitars themselves, in addition to which, as a buy/sell/trade event, everyone attending is encouraged to bring their own gear. The event is free and runs most of the day, but get there early to beat the crowds and get a couple of frames in while you’re at it.

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