Bushwick Immersion Slideshow



The Total Bushwick Immersion–our last Brooklyn Brewery immersion of the summer–came and went on Saturday, and it ranked up there as one of the most fun. It also yielded the best photos to date, and not just for our photo safari.* Some of the best pics came from Instagrammers and immersion goers who just shared their best shots around the neighborhood, where it is hard not to stumble upon street art. If you see one of your photos above, drop us a line, we’ve got a little surprise for you.

We hope you’ve had as much fun as us this summer. Let us know what neighborhoods we should hit in 2013.

*The Clues:

1. The 5 points of street art
2. Swoon + Party Naked
3. Very popular brothers
4. Your favorite artwork inside 56 Bogart
5. Well done
6. You’re in the jungle, baby–show us your best find
7. Wild card (Give us your best shot and make it count–it could be the tie breaker!)

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