Friday I’m in Love


Back in 2009, the Bell House threw an 80s prom that still remains a legend among my friends. We may have overdone it on the punch at our pre-prom celebrations, but this week, I’m personally very excited to relive those glory days back at the Bell House. This Friday, Brooklyn Based and the Skint are throwing an 80s party to rival all others with DJs, live music, specialty cocktails, and more. DJ B-Movie will be kicking things off with the best of new wave, followed by The Engagements, one of the best wedding bands in the borough, who will be playing two live sets full of 80s faves. Post-midnight, Steve Reynolds, the fantastic DJ behind the Bell House’s Party Like It’s 1999 will be bringing the night home with a dance/freestyle set. Booze like you’re in a Duran Duran video with $6 specialty cocktails like the Miami Vice, the Rum DMC (clever!) and the Bananarama, while snacking on Doritos and nacho cheese. Oh yeah, and you’d best be dressing up–the most totally 80s outfit wins tickets to any Bell House show and a John Hughes DVD set. Tix are $10, but you can get them at a reduced rate of $5 by entering the code 1980. –C.A.

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