First-Rate Feast


If you haven’t ventured down to the BQE end of Carroll Gardens to experience the amazing specialty food shop known as Court Street Grocers, you are seriously overdue for a visit. The friendly proprietors have stocked their shelves with an awe-inspiring collection of superlative regional food products from all over the country–from Steve’s Key Lime Pies to real honest-to-god grits from South Carolina to a brand of chips I once devoured in Santa Cruz and never thought I’d see again. But that’s not all: the shop also provides prepared foods and some of the best sandwiches–breakfast and otherwise–that I’ve ever had in NYC. Now, on Friday nights only, they are serving a real sit-down dinner for $35 a person and I would wager just about anything that it’s awesome. Reservations should be made in advance for either the 7 or 9pm seating. This week, Ciopinno is on the menu so sign up now. –K.H.

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