March(ing) Madness


Between getting through the double trials of the elections and superstorm Sandy the past few weeks, and the thought of the holidays and all they entail looming ever closer, do you sometimes feel like you need an entire marching band to get you up and out of bed in the mornings? For those in need of a surrealist break from the hard realities of their lives, there might be no better opportunity than when March Fourth Marching Band rolls into Brooklyn Bowl this weekend. With all the things you’d expect from a marching band (brassy horns, a huge, diverse drum section) and all the things you wouldn’t (electric bass, hula-hoopers, and acrobatic stilt walkers, among many other surprises), M4 takes a quintessential element of Americana, runs it through a gypsy carnival, then pushes it all down Alice’s rabbit hole. It’s something you’ve got to see to believe, and just the time off from your everyday life you’ve been wishing for. Since the Mayor’s office basically canceled Halloween, this might be your last chance for crazy costumed hijinks before 2012 is gone for good.

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