Surrealist Cinema


There is one movie that keeps popping up on every critic’s list for 2012, and it isn’t Lincoln. Instead, it is the extremely bizarre-looking Holy Motors, a French film directed by Leos Carax and starring Denis Levant that appears to be about a day in the life of a very unusual businessman named Monsieur Oscar. While he is driven around Paris from appointment to appointment in a white limousine, M. Oscar assumes a variety of personae–an assassin, a homeless bag lady, an acrobat, and a sewer-dwelling leprechaun–and seems to move between parallel universes in a kaleidoscopic adventure that is at once a comedy, drama, musical, film noir and zombie movie. Right now, screenings are very limited, but we imagine that will change after Oscar nominations are announced on Thursday. Get ahead of the game and book your tickets now to see this crazy spectacle at Indiescreen Cinema.  If you still aren’t convinced, is a cameo by the one and only Kylie Minogue enough to get you in the theater?

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