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As delicious as cake truffles and crack pie are, let’s be realistic–it would start to get pretty expensive if we all indulged our Momofuku Milk Bar cravings as often as they happened. Learn how to make your own Momofuku sweets, taught by dessert wizard Christina Tosi, at the Momofuku Milk Bar’s new “Bake the Book” cooking series. Each week tackles a different chapter in Milk Bar cookbook (which, speaking from personal experience, will have you baking things that will impress even your most obsessive baker friends). On Feb. 14 and March 5, Tosi will take on chapter 1, which includes Momofuku’s legendary cereal milk and crack pie; other classes, on Feb. 20 and 26, focus on cookies, crusts, and crumbs. Register for the $50 classes now—we suspect that space won’t be available for long. –C.A.

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