Let You Bijoux


Is it just me or is this winter especially interminable? When the weather is crappy, the days are short, and my seasonal affective disorder kicks in, I am always on the lookout for activities that do not involve borderline lethal doses of booze and/or cheese. I also have this completely unjustified image of myself as a crafty person, so the Jewelry Making Workshop at powerHouse Arena naturally caught my eye. Tatty Devine, a cult-fave British jewelry brand whose unique, offbeat pieces have been sported by Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry, has a book out that promises to make brilliant bauble designers out of all of us. The brains behind the operation, two art school grads who got their start selling leather cuffs at London’s Portobello Market, will be providing supplies, tips, and inspiration to attendees who want to try their hand at making stunning accessories from everyday objects like keys, playing cards, and tape measures. Reserve a spot by emailing RSVP@powerHouseArena.com.–K.H.

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