Luck of the Brooklynite


Sure, going out and making bad decisions fueled by green beer is what you could call a St. Patrick’s Day tradition, but St. Patty’s Day in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace is a bit more old-fashioned. This Sunday marks the 38th Annual Brooklyn St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which kicks off at Prospect Park West and 15th Street at 1pm. The parade features flocks of adorable Irish step dancing children, military bands and more knit sweaters than you can shake a shamrock at, as it wends its way up 7th Avenue to Garfield and then back down Prospect Park West. After you’ve got your fill of wholesome Americana, join the swarms of Irish-Americans at Farrell’s, which, if the weather is nice, will probably allow you to bring your Styrofoam cups of Budweiser outside, behind a police barricade. Or, if you’ve had enough of kicking it old-school, head to the Double Windsor, which for the past few years has dedicated its St. Patrick’s Day taps to obscure Irish beers and cider and sold Robicelli’s cupcakes in delicious flavors like the thematically appropriate Car Bomb.

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