You’re Going to Be in Pictures: How to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos


One of the great wedding photo tips you'll glean next Wednesday, Feb. 13 at The Green Buildling

One of the great wedding photo tips you’ll glean next Wednesday, April 10 at The Green Buildling

When you look back over your wedding day photos it will just amaze you the moments you forgot all about in the blur of the big day. Your maid-of-honor dancing with your brother, that second glass of wine your grandmother drank, even how the tables looked before everyone sat down. Your wedding photos are the record that will help you remember all the moments you were too filled with emotion to register at the time. They also capture the little things that will bug you forever–like how you can see the best man’s iPhone in his pocket in every shot, or smiles that look a little frozen.

Join us next Wednesday, April 10 at The Green Building for an evening of candid camera advice before you say “I do.” Talented photographers will share their tips on getting stunning wedding pictures, from the best hotels in Brooklyn for getting ready photos to the benefits of a shot list. Afterward you’ll get one-on-one time with the people who will leave a lasting imprint on your big day and get to strike a pose with We Love Photobooths. Visit our vendors’ links below, then get tickets, which are $5 in advance, $8 at the door. Throughout the evening there will be light bites from local caterer DISH Food & Events and wine from The Greene Grape.

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