A Sober, Gluten-Free Date that Isn’t Lame (Really!)


I’ve been sober for over a year,  a diagnosed celiac for close to two, and a morning person…never. And I’ve noticed that most sober date ideas are tailored to chipper early risers–picnics, coffee, nature hikes. So here’s a date for sober (and gluten-free) night owls, equally suitable for beer-drinking bread-eaters. Start at the New Museum on the Lower East Side, which has free admission on Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm, and conversation stimulating exhibits–even if you’re not an art world regular. Next, hop on the L and grab dinner at Walter Foods in Williamsburg. Their excellent fresh seafood and yummy mashed potatoes are naturally gluten-free, and they have grown-up non-alcoholic drinks like cucumber mint lemonade. End the night a few blocks away at Nitehawk, where you can catch Girl Most Likely–Kristen Wiig’s new movie–or, starting Friday, Fruitvale Station, while snacking on gluten-free buttered popcorn (full gluten-free menu) and washing it down with iced coffee, tea, lemonade or soda.

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