Seven Things to Do With the Long Weekend


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Labor Day weekend is upon us and around these parts we’re taking Friday and Monday off, for four solid days of much-need, battery-charging rest and relaxation. We’ll be back on Tuesday and ready to bound into fall with the Crown Heights Immersion on Saturday, Sept. 7. So what to do this weekend? Glad you asked.

1. Catch up on your reading. Here are our non-fiction picks, favorite summer reads from our favorite avid readers, and a few books written by rockers.

2. Go see a Cyclones game–this weekend is the end of the season, with a home game tonight, and another on Sunday.

3. Get grilling. Here are four stellar recipes for vegetarians and carnivores alike. Or, check out some Brooklyn barbecue.

4. Go to Governor’s Island–it’s open on Monday (as well as the usual Saturday-Sunday hours) and so is Fête Paradiso.

5. Check out BAM’s Bruce Lee mini-marathon, including Way of the Dragon, written and directed by Lee, and starring one Chuck Norris.

6. Watch all 13 hours of Orange is the New Black–we heard from a friend on the show that they’re at work now, filming season two.

7. Hit up one of our favorite spots for outdoor drinks.

Happy Labor Day–see you next week!


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  1. Raine Martin -

    Funny that Brooklyn Based makes no mention of the West Indian American Carnival Day celebrations that have dominated the borough every Labor Day weekend for the past 46 years. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – most ‘Brooklyn’ blogs only focus on certain areas and demographics of Brooklyn anyway.


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