Jonathan Lethem Back in Brooklyn


dissident-gardensNew York Times bestselling author, MacArthur Fellow and traitor (he deserted Brooklyn for California in 2010) Jonathan Lethem returns to Brooklyn for the release of his latest novel, Dissident Gardens. BAM will be hosting a Q&A, book signing and discussion with Lethem on the day of its release. The novel follows the lives of a mother and daughter in Sunnyside, Queens, from their early days during the McCarthy Era and the civil rights movement, all the way up through Occupy Wall Street. Whether he’s writing a detective story about an orphan with tourettes, editing the journals of Phillip K. Dick, philosophizing about the Talking Heads’ Fear of Music or analyzing John Carpenter’s They Live, Lethem never fails to be entertaining, thought provoking and endlessly inventive in unusual style. If you purchase your ticket and book together at the special $40 price, you’re guaranteed a copy on the day of its release.

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