The Women in Hip Hop Coloring Book, From the People Who Brought Us the Thrill Murray Coloring Book


As you may know, an Urban Outfitters is opening in Williamsburg this fall, on N. 6th right next to American Apparel. The store will include a restaurant and bar (The Post referred to it as “Bourbon Outfitters,” of course). According to a press release we got this morning, in addition to overpriced tank tops that fall apart after two wearings, this fall you’ll be able to purchase a Women in Hip Hop Coloring Book at Urban Outfitters. So yes, the idea of the person who would buy their child this coloring book to keep her occupied while lunching at Urban Outfitters is pretty much the worst thing ever. But, the coloring book itself, produced by , from Belly Kids, an small indie press, is pretty sweet.

Most importantly, while perusing the Belly Kids e-commerce site (where you cannot buy the Women in Hip Hop Coloring Book, only prints, tees and totes inspired by it) I discovered that you can in fact purchase from this company, The Thrill Murray Coloring Book (£5). This appears to be old news, and has been around for more than a year, but, since Murray is having such a New York moment right now, cavorting about Bay Ridge, Williamsburg, Sheepshead Bay and Greenpoint, it seems worth bringing to the attention of everyone else who has been living under a rock and is unaware that celebrities other than Ryan Gosling have their own novelty coloring books.

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