The Best CPA for the Most Deductible Time of Year {Sponsored}


Steve Zelin, aka "The Singing C.P.A." is a maestro wtih tax codes and on the guitar. Photo: Daniel Neuburger

Steve Zelin, aka “The Singing C.P.A.” is a maestro wtih tax codes and on the guitar. Photo: Daniel Neuburger

It’s tax season, and as all of us scramble to get our financial houses in order, there are over 300 lucky New Yorkers out there who will be handing this job over to an accountant who makes tax time–dare we say it?—a little fun. His name is Steven Zelin, and we’ve been one of his happy clients since 2009.

What’s so great about Steve? For starters, he sings. About taxes, naturally. During the holidays we got a card from his office that, upon opening, greeted us with the sound of Zelin’s voice singing, “It’s the most deductible time of the year,” to the tune of the similarly named Christmas carol. (He’s not called “The Singing CPA” for nothing.)

But since no one actually hires an accountant based upon musical ability alone, we can assure you that he knows his tax codes and can set your finances straight, even if, say, you get a notice from the IRS about unpaid taxes from years ago—which happened to one of us personally and which Steve rectified quickly, saving us money in the process to boot.

Essentially, Steve is sharp when it comes to your money, yet very easygoing and engaged—refreshing qualities to find in an accountant. As he admits himself, “I don’t really feel I’m in the accounting business. I feel as if I’m in the business of helping individuals and small business owners achieve all their financial goals. Life is tough and complicated enough, if I can ease pressures and reassure worried minds, then I’m a happy camper.”

In the five years he’s run his own firm, Steve has amassed a number of creative clients who have spread the word about his good work. (“Artists tend to be incredibly generous, and I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of so many referrals it kind of boggles my mind,” he explains. “Thank you all out there!”) It’s no wonder his business has grown from a one-man outfit to four staff accountants and several part-time specialists, all of whom will be moving into a larger, light-filled office near midtown come February.

So if you want a self-described “laid-back guy with a healthy respect for federal and state regulations,” who genuinely cares about the fiscal health of your work or creative pursuit, and who will bring some levity to a very stressful time of year (as his site,, does) call Steve Zelin, and tell him Brooklyn Based loves him.

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